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Owie Collaborations

2019+  – Digital Drawings + Printed Apparel and Vinyl

In collaboration with local businessman, Owie, who is well-versed with The Triangle’s music scene, we create merchandise to cater to different musician’s needs. With notable artists such as Cloudy Nueve, Noahh, LesTheGenius, Zack Cokas, and Tia Corine, we combine Owie’s networking prowess with my own background in creating visual experiences.


The process begins with Owie interviewing the artist. Given an abstract idea of what they felt while creating an album, he melds choice lyrics and the artist’s personal experiences together. Utilizing the symbols found in his research, I create a multifaceted, emotionally intricate piece. Though he lays the foundation for the design, I create artwork strong enough to represent an entire album.


All designs, though born from my digital drawings, are acclimated for different applications, such as screen printed apparel, embroidery, and die-cut vinyl decals.


OWIE (Owen Linder)

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