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H2GO Logistics Branding

2020 – Website, Logo and Business Cards Design + Social Media

Commissioned by start-up business H2GO Logistics, I was tasked with branding them from the ground up. This included the creation of their logo, the creation of their website through a user-friendly platform, and the foundations of social media accounts.


H2GO Logistics is a national truck dispatcher and they wanted the company to have flow, like water. This led the creator, Don, to their namesake, and he was adamant about that being incorporated into the branding. When ideating, I tried to think of things that were fluid in movement and were simple and straightforward. This path eventually concluded with the endless highway in the shape of a droplet, alluding to water but also the vanishing point in the horizon line of a landscape.


It also made sense, to make sure that their website had the same feeling. Utilizing the design scheme of long scroll landing pages, I created a single page website with all of the information he wanted known about his company (types of trucks, and lists of services).

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