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Reflection of Practice

2017 – Book – Written + Designed – 11" x 17" Spreads

Reflection of Practice was a semester-long typographic project that focused on creating a unified typographic system. For the first ten weeks of the semester we were required to read an article, respond to it, and create a spread reflecting the reading. These readings pertained solely to typography, design, and its impact on the world. For the rest of the semester we focused on solidifying a typographic system and theme so we could then combine the spreads into one unified book. 


My system focused heavily on the use of black, white, and red as an aggressive and bold accent color because much of my writing was very blunt. I spoke very plainly and sarcastically about the intrinsic rules and hierarchy in not only design but the way it is taught. I wanted my design to showcase not only my strong viewpoints but also reinforce them.

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