The first logo is for an artist that goes by the alias of EUN. They wanted a watermark for work posted online and logo that could represent them as an artist both in deeper meaning and as a professional marker. My challenge was to translate this request into a logo:

"For the design I was interested in how angled the letters were and my obsession/phobia of closed spaces. I hate being trapped whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally but I am fascinated by how we as humans purposefully enclose ourselves. A lot of it is for protection but it’s harmful at the same time."

This artist also in particular loves landscapes and architecture, so I chose a font that would offer interesting negative space (note the house form made out of the E and N) yet a sense of enclosure with the stability of the lack of contrast in the letterforms. The mockup examples I have provided are Instagram posts with their work and the varying way they have used it as a watermark and signature.

The following logo was for a website developer who is still in the process of making her own marketing website. She wanted her logo to be representative of herself in a very figurative way. She had a very specific idea of what she wanted going into the design, so my job was primarily execution. The first version you see is a smoother, simplistic, more refined logo, but she felt she was more rough around the edges. She wanted something with texture. So I obliged with a more sketched looking iteration. The following iterations are different color options using her palette. I had originally intended on the logo being on a dark blue background hence the lighter color options, but she ended up going with a lighter overall background color and a less contrasting logo option.