2016  – OIL PAINT + MASONITE BOARD – 48" x 32"


The Invisible Man is commentary on how society views the homeless as less than human.  Focusing purely on representing the material items someone may wear on their back, I wanted to completely subtract of the human form. This not only emphasizes how people often act indifferently when they pass by someone in need on the street, but also brings up the common trope of "if you are homeless, you aren't allowed to have nice things." People who live in poverty who have an iPhone or people who are homeless who carry something with monetary worth automatically seems to negate all financial stress to those who do not have that stress. "You can't possibly be struggling if you can afford those things." But since people who are homeless or live in poverty are people too, why can't they grant themselves little happinesses when they have the opportunity to? Why should their situation deprive them of simple luxuries? Nobody knows the entire story behind each and every person, and I wanted this piece to bring up conversation about such topics.