Solidarity is an interactive experience that allows viewers to feel a sense of calm in knowing they’re not alone. By using Processing and a motion detector attached to Arduino, we created a display that tracks when someone walks by and records it in the form of an image. Our display is meant to be projected for the time span of twenty-four hours, as it has both a “night view” and a “day view.” During the night view, a span of twelve hours, a person’s movement will cause a star to spawn in the composition at a certain spot on the y-axis depending on the hour, slowly drifting from left to right throughout the night. The same thing will happen during the day view but with a cloud instead of a star. The consistency throughout the composition is a floating city that bobs up and down. The city is meant to represent both isolation and community.


The saying “misery loves company” is a harsh way to describe it, but there is comfort in knowing that someone was once where you were. That someone else is in the library at 3:00 in the morning trying to finish an assignment too, for example. The audience is able to see their own input in the form of a star or cloud in the composition, which is both rewarding for the viewer and informative as an infographic.

+ in collaboration with Blake Crouch +